Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Heading For Norway

Dear Nihan,
This is probably one of the first Postcrossing postcards you will receive (I'll put it in the mail tomorrow 2/19/20), so I thought it should be special.  Since this is one of my favorites I'm hoping it will be one of yours.
Happy Postcrossing,

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

To Kazakhstan

Dear Polina,

This is the front of the postcard I will put in the mail today - it is a reproduction of a painting by Norman Rockwell called The Bookworm.  I picked it because you love books (so do I).

This is the message.  I printed and taped it to the card.  I got the idea from a card I received from Hong Kong - Here is what I posted about it:

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Free Hong Kong

Today (Saturday Feb 8, 2020) I received this postcard from Vince in Hong Kong.  I love pen pals and I love postcrossing.  My love for writing letters often spills over into my correspondence.  At those times I want to say a lot more than I have space for on a postcard.

This postcard is 6 X 3.75 inches.  Conventionally, half that space would have been taken up by stamps and my address, leaving very little room for a hand written message, so Postcrossing addicts usually limit themselves to a message like,

Dear Bert,
Greetings from Hong Kong, where those of us who live and work here are under threat constant threat from our police.  Then maybe a line or two about the weather and close that usually is a line like Happy Postcrossing, followed by a signature.

As you can see, Vince typed her personalized message to me.  What you can't see is that the message is taped neatly to the back of the postcard which traveled 33 days and 2,300 miles to reach me.  

Also invisible is the education and inspiration that I received from from the postcard.

Thanks Vince
Your friend, Bert