Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Heading For Norway

Dear Nihan,
This is probably one of the first Postcrossing postcards you will receive (I'll put it in the mail tomorrow 2/19/20), so I thought it should be special.  Since this is one of my favorites I'm hoping it will be one of yours.
Happy Postcrossing,

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

To Kazakhstan

Dear Polina,

This is the front of the postcard I will put in the mail today - it is a reproduction of a painting by Norman Rockwell called The Bookworm.  I picked it because you love books (so do I).

This is the message.  I printed and taped it to the card.  I got the idea from a card I received from Hong Kong - Here is what I posted about it:

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Free Hong Kong

Today (Saturday Feb 8, 2020) I received this postcard from Vince in Hong Kong.  I love pen pals and I love postcrossing.  My love for writing letters often spills over into my correspondence.  At those times I want to say a lot more than I have space for on a postcard.

This postcard is 6 X 3.75 inches.  Conventionally, half that space would have been taken up by stamps and my address, leaving very little room for a hand written message, so Postcrossing addicts usually limit themselves to a message like,

Dear Bert,
Greetings from Hong Kong, where those of us who live and work here are under threat constant threat from our police.  Then maybe a line or two about the weather and close that usually is a line like Happy Postcrossing, followed by a signature.

As you can see, Vince typed her personalized message to me.  What you can't see is that the message is taped neatly to the back of the postcard which traveled 33 days and 2,300 miles to reach me.  

Also invisible is the education and inspiration that I received from from the postcard.

Thanks Vince
Your friend, Bert

Saturday, January 25, 2020

To Russia With Love - or Following Your Inspiration

Excuse the James Bond reference - It's a laid back Saturday and it seemed appropriate and it is "sort of connected" to my real subject, which goes this way:

I just put this postcard in the mailbox.  That's the first step in it's journey to Katerina, who lives in Russia.  

 I purchased the card from Pixilluv.com, a New Zealand postcard company whose postcards I find delightful.  I received Katerina's name, address and profile info from Postcrossing, a super cool operation based in Italy.  I live in the USA and Katerina in Russia.  There are four countries involved in this mailing.  A nice international transaction.  

And now, my primary motive for writing this post.  INSPIRATION.

On her profile, Katerina shared her Instagram page.  It inspired my selecting this postcard and it has inspired me to get serious about my Instagram page.  For that, I thank everyone involved in my revelation.

So, the bottom line is inspiration: How it might appear.  An example of what do when it does.  And an illustration of how many individuals, companies and countries might be involved as you follow yours.  

Now, check out Katerina's Instagram Page.

Friday, January 24, 2020

When You Matter

As I searched, with little success, for the right illustration for this post, I remembered The Storyteller, a print I purchased in a Seattle mall during an art sale more than thirty years ago and that was the end of the search.

The look on the fairy's face as she gazes at the storyteller is what this blog is all about.

I saw the same look on Joe Bonamassa's face as he described how he felt when he first heard Eric Clapton.  As he told the story, he was standing on the stage at the Royal Albert Hall, an ambition he'd held since being inspired by Eric.  Then he introduced Eric Clapton, and the two performed Further On Up the Road together for a packed house.  Take a look:

As I watched the video for the fourth or maybe fifth time, I thought of the first person, outside my immediate family, who inspired me as the Storyteller inspired the Fairy and Eric Clapton inspired Joe Bonamassa. Her name was Ms. Tillman and she was my first grade teacher.  Had it not been for her, I'd not be able to write this post because moments after being dragged into her class by my mother, I made up my mind that I'd die before I'd let that happen again.

As I look back almost sixty-years to September 1947, I realize, not for the first time, that Ms. Tillman knew how I felt.  She understood the resolve behind my commitment to never return to her class or any other class even if it meant death.  To her  credit, she didn't decide to put my resolve to the test.  Instead, she showed me the value of reconsidering my vow, and she did it in a way that made it easy for me to understand and take a different position.

That's what a person who cares does for one they care about.  First they make it clear they understand your position, and then they show you other possibilities.

Take a moment and think of the first person who did that for you.  Now, think of someone you've done it for.  Before you leave those thoughts, consider sharing them with us in the comments.  We're looking forward to reading them.

Now go out in your world and inspire someone.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Right Person - Right Card - Bingo!

A postcard reproduction of Norman Rockwell's Painting
The Jury Holdout, 1959
Feb 14, 1959 Saturday Evening Post Cover

I've waited for years for the right person to send this postcard to - You Are The One.
I'll get it in the mail to you tomorrow.
I'm also a pen addict.  If you haven't used Main Street Pens for repairs and vintage pens, check them out.  Ron and Robyn Zorn are the best.
Have a great, almost New Year.

A Reminder From Finland

Today I will put this postcard, a reproduction of a Norman Rockwell painting, that appeared in the August 20, 1968 issue of Look magazine, in the mail.  As you read this, this postcard is traveling to Jouni Vedenoja, a young man who lives in a small village in Finland.

I'm a member of Postcrossing.  Members receive postcards from other members who have "been assigned" their name and address by Postcrossing, and members send postcards to other members who were "assigned" to them by Postcrossing.  

Name assignments include a profile of the member who has been selected for a postcard.  Today Jouni was assigned (by random computer selection) to me as a recipient for a postcard.  I selected this for him based on his words from his profile:

"Peace, freedom and equal rights for everyone and everywhere are important for me.  Freedom of speech is a great value!  Open democracy is important!  Freedom is not politics, it is a human right..."

On this noteworthy day in American politics, I found my friend Jouni's words a most welcome and inspirational reminder. 

Thank You, Jouni