Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What Amazes You/

by Bert Carson
Research Notes:
This post was inspired by two things (that I'm conscious of).
1. Seth's book, Tribes
2. Bojangles "Trophy Wife" commercial

I was listening to the audio version of the book, Tribes, while driving yesterday, and I was more than a little surprised when, to illustrate a point, Seth mentioned the Tesla Roadster, a model I'd never heard of, built by a car company I'd also never heard of.  There was a day when I knew every car company. On my 71st birthday, it was a rude reminder to discover there was one I didn't know–and a little voice immediately pointed out there are probably other car companies you don't know about, and that's nothing, imagine how many other things you've let get by you.

That less-than-flattering thought brought to mind the Bojangles commercial, and the classic line, delivered by a great young actor:  "It holds tea!" 

We are so swamped in information, we often miss things we would really like to know, and I don't mean things like a box of chicken that also holds tea. I mean things like, there is a car company in California which builds an electric car that is light years ahead of the competition.

I mean things like, there is a man names Harlan Hogan, who specializes in TV and Radio voice-over acting, who has written books and created products that make it easy to build a home recording studio.  I mention that one because I stumbled on Harlan when I began my building-a-home-recording-studio learning curve (if that interests you, check out Stephen Woodfin's blog at Venture Galleries).

And, my point is: There is no reason to drown in the information swamp when there is specific information readily available on anything you'd like to know. Bottom Line:

Know what amazes you and put your focus there.

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