Monday, October 14, 2013

Eva Cassidy - "Quite Simply the Most Beautiful Song..."

by Bert Carson
Stephen Woodfin, lawyer, writer, musician, voice-over actor, and good friend, introduced me to Eva Cassidy via email with an attached YouTube video.

Stephen said, "As the leaves change, I always think of her rendition of Autumn Leaves.  It is quite simply the most beautiful song I ever heard anyone perform."

That's high praise from the man who introduced me to the amazing world of Jimmy Webb with little more than, "He's a pretty good songwriter."

I knew when I listened to Eva I wanted to share her and her rendition of  Autumn Leaves with you.  There are a number of versions of the clip on YouTube - I selected this one because of the additional info about Eva, which the creator of the clip added at the end of the song.  Enjoy.

Obviously this post is about Eva Cassidy and Autumn Leaves, but it's about more than that–much more.  This is about the worldwide web and all of the amazing friends it has brought to me.  

I started to list a few of them and immediately found the task overwhelming.  I'm not talking about my 12,000 followers on Twitter.  I'm talking about the group of people I've met on the internet that I now consider close friends.  I'm talking about people who are closer to me than my neighbors and closer than most of my business associates.  A group of friends who, in the U.S., are scattered from Minnesota to Texas, and from California to Vermont.  And then there's the international bunch, from sexy Emma (France and the U.K.), to cosmopolitan Frederick (Switzerland), to Russell the bandito (Mexico), to romantic Ryan (Israel), and, of course, to you.  

There are a lot of things wrong with the cyber world. However, the connection with real people you'd have most likely never met otherwise isn't one of them.

Thanks, for sharing your life with me.


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