Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fourth and Forever - You Decide

Fourth and Forever is a love story about Josh Edwards, his wife Kathy, and their son Bobby.

Fourth and Forever is the story of a Vietnam Vet coping with loss while keeping a commitment to his son.

Fourth and Forever is the story of a homeless dog, named Flexible, who became the University of Montana Cheerleaders’ mascot and a hero to a bunch of sick children in Missoula.
Fourth and Forever is the story of a forty-year-old college quarterback who leads an amazing group of football players in their pursuit of a national championship.
Fourth and Forever has more insight into PTSD than you’ll find in most medical textbooks on the subject.

The Kindle Book Review gave it five stars and said “From the first page to the last, Bert Carson's FOURTH AND FOREVER not only paints a picture of the best things in life (family, hope, love, integrity), he paints with artful accuracy, a canvas that spans the Vietnam War, loss of love, football, and the bonds between a father and son. Bravo!”

Joyce Faulner, President, Military Writers Society of America, and Award-winning author of In the Shadow of Suribachi & Username gave it five stars and said "'Fourth and Forever' has sports in it--and Vietnam. But it's not about sports or Vietnam. It's an inspirational foray into resilience."

R.S. Guthrie gave it five stars and said, “The author manages to weave together a father's past, a son's future, a veteran's burden, and a college football team's destiny into a wonderful, heartfelt tale for the ages.”

Ten other readers gave Fourth and Forever five stars.

Stephen Charme, a top ranked Amazon Reviewer gave Fourth and Forever two stars and summed up his comments by saying it is, “Mediocre and superficial…”  Along the way he questioned the integrity of those who gave it five stars.

Now you can decide for yourself and it won’t cost you anything – Fourth and Forever is free Friday, March 10th


  1. I've already decided, not through bias, but because I've read the story many times and can only say how can anyone have a gripe with goodness?

  2. With so many five stars and one oddball two star, I'd say someone was extremely constipated the day he read it. Full up to the eyeballs.

    Well, we'll all choose to focus on the positive, won't we? I'd recommend to everyone that they read this and indeed anything that you and Christina pen. Your words and stories are transformative, and make us all better people for having read them! My copy is queued on my Kindle, just waiting its turn. Can't wait!

  3. I never questioned the integrity of the people who gave this novel five stars or made any derogatory comments about them. I simply gave specific examples of four other literary works dealing with similar themes that I believe are far superior. I suspect that none of the five star reviewers have read a single one of them.

    1. Hi Stephen,
      I suspect you've never read your own reviews or comments - this one proves my point.
      Go laugh at something - you're taking yourself way too serious.
      Yours to count on,

  4. So I just got a tablet - downloaded Kindle and went searching for freebies - and found this amazing book! I don't know a damn thing about American Football (OK - I get the gist)but I'm a vet of the wars in Southern Africa flying Alouettes and Pumas and lost my wife aged 43. The PTSD stuff has certainly hit a chord with me and will provide many hours of introspective analysis and self questioning. Bravo Bert - loved it cover to cover. Ciao D