Sunday, July 7, 2013

Degrees of Separation = 0

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Times have changed for more than a few of us, and that includes you or you wouldn't be reading this.

This morning, before going to work on Lessons Learned, a novel in progress, I decided to take a few minutes to check my email.  There I found and responded to an email from my friend Renee Pawlish.

Judyann McCole
Then I found notification of a new comment on a Triberr tribe from Judyann McCole I checked it out and discovered that Judyann wanted to share review/blogs.  I responded and in minutes we had struck up a friendship that will, on July 26th, manifest as a co-book review.

Yoda and M.R. Mathias
I moved down the email list and found a request from Lizzie Lessard to be  elevated from "follower" to "blogger" on the Writers and Readers Triberr Tribe (I'm the Tribe Chief).  I went to her site, took one look and then promoted her.

In a couple of seconds I was back on Lizzie's site reading her blog,  Shelved For Life - Badly Behaving Authors #1.  The first author she mentioned was M.R. Mathis (see the picture above) who is a favorite author and a Twitter friend, so I sent him a link to Lizzie's blog.

Christine Padovan
Then, before I exited Rob's Twitter Home page, I read a tweet from Christine Padovan that read, Recording 'The Confliction' by shortly - The Emerald Rider, 4th in the series is out now with rave reviews: .
That got my attention because I am beginning the process to have my books recorded as Audible Books.  So I went to Christine's website, was blown away, recovered, and sent her a tweet inviting her to submit an audition for one of my books on the ACX audition board.

Before my coffee went cold and the pigeons finished the cracked corn I had scattered under the feeders for them before I opened my email, I had been in touch with:

Lizzie Lessard - Renee Pawlish - Judyann McCole - M.R. Mathias - and Christine Padovan -

I took the last sip of coffee - thought - There is no separation - and exchanged comments with my Buddy, Caleb Pirtle of Venture Galleries