Thursday, January 23, 2020

A Reminder From Finland

Today I will put this postcard, a reproduction of a Norman Rockwell painting, that appeared in the August 20, 1968 issue of Look magazine, in the mail.  As you read this, this postcard is traveling to Jouni Vedenoja, a young man who lives in a small village in Finland.

I'm a member of Postcrossing.  Members receive postcards from other members who have "been assigned" their name and address by Postcrossing, and members send postcards to other members who were "assigned" to them by Postcrossing.  

Name assignments include a profile of the member who has been selected for a postcard.  Today Jouni was assigned (by random computer selection) to me as a recipient for a postcard.  I selected this for him based on his words from his profile:

"Peace, freedom and equal rights for everyone and everywhere are important for me.  Freedom of speech is a great value!  Open democracy is important!  Freedom is not politics, it is a human right..."

On this noteworthy day in American politics, I found my friend Jouni's words a most welcome and inspirational reminder. 

Thank You, Jouni


  1. Freedom is a desired state for any person or country. It is sad that America and it's citizens are even now being threatened of losing our own civil liberties. We have been fortunate to have the freedoms provided by our laws and regulations that were set up when our great nation was founded. America was founded on Christian principles that even now are being threatened. Equal rights has become fabrication as more and more long term rights are being removed in favor of those who are "offended" by anything they don't want to hear while doing everything to destroy and "take" the rights of the rest of us! Freedom of speech here is being challenged as well by those so easily "offended"... Whatever happened to "Live and let live?". I can honestly say that I am as frustrated if not more so than this young man. He has not had free speech but we have and it is being taken away!

  2. "Peace, freedom and equal rights for everyone and everywhere are important for me. Freedom of speech is a great value! Open democracy is important! Freedom is not politics, it is a human right..."

    Can't phathom how anybody could think any different? Tks for sharing, Bert.