Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Writing - It's Not Easy - Never Has Been - Never Will Be

by Bert Carson
Today writer's have tools that streamline the work, but we do not have a tool, nor will we ever have a tool, that will make writing easy.

Jack Woodford said, "If you are turning to writing to escape hard work there is utterly no hope for you—it is far harder than any other work of which I have any knowledge."

I concur but hasten to add, all work, done well, requires effort.  The greater the work one does, the greater the effort they must expend to do it and, here's a slight modification of that thought, the effort expended must equal the level of achievement one expects to attain.  That is true of ALL THINGS, writing, painting, speaking, singing, ditch-digging... all things.

So, the level of achievement intended, determines the effort that must be expended.  Or, as we red necks say, a half-assed effort will not get the job done.

If you came to see about becoming a great writer, don't bother.  It will take the same effort as the last endeavor you failed to accomplish.

There is no glory, no success, no great achievement without great effort. Don't let the slick tools available to writer's today blind you to the fact that to write you must first work, work, and work some more.

If you don't accept that, you'll be in an eternal dark and stormy night.

Enjoy the work.


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