Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Holding out for a hero

WARNING - This post has four videos and 360 words.  The videos have a total play time of less than six minutes.  Regardless of your reading speed you should be able to read the text in less than two minutes.  From start to finish this blog post will take less than eight minutes of your time.  If you don’t have eight minutes, come back when you do.

This is an election year.  Once again we are going to have the opportunity to choose a leader from one of the two political parties whose combined activities have gotten us in a horrible situation.  Not only are we in trouble because of their foolishness, every country on the planet is feeling the effects of their bumbling.

Here’s the first video – you might have to watch it more than once to believe the democrats actually paid an ad agency a lot of money to put this together.

Before you form a conclusion about my politics let me assure you, I have none.  That said, here’s a Romney paid political ad.  As of last night this ad had accumulated 787 likes and 2,249 dislikes.  I don’t believe Democrats are responsible for the dislikes.  I don’t think Americans care for either of their choices.  323,000 people have watched this and less than 10% bothered to indicate whether they liked or disliked it.

America needs a hero and Americans know in their hearts  that he or she isn’t coming from either political party.   We are waiting for a hero.

I doubt if Clint Eastwood is any more interested in being President of the United States than Lee Iacocca was.    I am not expecting him to announce his candidacy, but I love that video.  We have to find that spirit, that optimism, that willingness to get the job done.

In eastern traditions there is an ancient adage that goes like this.  When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.  When this country is ready; when you are ready and I am ready, the one who will lead us out of this quagmire of conflicting philosophies and immoral actions will appear.

It’s time to get ready America!


  1. No longer waiting. I've found my hero.

  2. David,
    Maybe a hero will show up before 2015 - the world is ripe for one.
    Thanks for your kind words.

  3. Okay, that Obama ad must be a joke. I have to watch it again to see who made it. You're right, though, Bert. We're waiting for a hero. We'd hoped that maybe it was Obama, but he's been more like a hero-in-training with both hands and a foot tied behind his back.

    1. "Hero in training" - that's an appropriate title - unfortunately we have to have the real deal, a man or woman who is willing to step up, say "I have a dream," share it, then inspire us to manifest it.

  4. You are exactly right, Bert (referring to the last paragraph). I think we should all turn off our TV's. It's ridiculous to think we could be saved by a sound byte.

    A determined, worthy leader will emerge when we, ourselves, become honest, trustworthy and reliable, when we become considerate and accepting, when we become heroes to the helpless and hungry, when we lose the "us and them" mentality, when we practice fairness and truly believe in justice for all, when we're willing to sacrifice comfort and predictability, when we can accept the concept of "for the greater good", and when we can resolve all conflict peaceably.

    By the laws of quantum physics, in our current state we cannot attract the kind of heroism we seek, that which we have not birthed within a majority our own spirits. Each of us, in our own small orbit, must chip away at these inbred deficits.

    The work to be done cannot be delegated. The onus is on us.

    1. That's what I was trying to say - your eloquence chokes me up - thanks for being there my friend.

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