Friday, February 24, 2012

Luck is not a factor

I am an indie writer.  At this point In time, I am a virtually unknown indie writer.  That isn’t always going to be the case.  I will be a successful indie writer.  Not because I’m lucky, but because I have chosen to be successful, and I know that I will be.

I’ve read a number of how-to books on the subject of indie writing.  Every one of them attributes some part of being a successful indie writer to luck.  That is a lie!

Luck is a word we use to explain our failure to achieve our announced objective.  Luck is what we label as the difference between those who made it and those who didn’t. That isn’t true.  Luck is a cop out.  Regarding your success, or failure, there is no luck.  There is only what you believe with the total power of your being, and what you do not believe.

Einstein wasn’t kidding when he said, “I’ve come to believe that he (God) doesn’t play dice.”  Jesus wasn’t kidding when he said, “As you believe so it shall be done unto you.”  Vince Lombardi wasn’t kidding when he said, “The only way I can reconcile a loss is with the knowledge that if we had stayed out there long enough we would have won.”

Those are not three unrelated statements.  Combined, they tell a simple story of how the universe works, and how we can work it, if we understand.
What Einstein was saying is, there is a system, a method, a way, that once learned, opens the door to everything.  Jesus wasn’t subtle.  He said, what you believe is what you will manifest.  Lombardi wasn’t a poor loser.  He knew that given time he could accomplish any objective he set for himself (and his team).

I’ve combined those three into what amounts to the secret of success.  When you know with all of your strength and power that you will succeed at the task you have chosen, you will.  There is no room for luck when you understand how things work and work them accordingly.

Ernest Holmes, the founder of Religious Science, put it this way, “Change your mind, change your life.”    


  1. Absolutely right, Bert! Here is the way I remind myself of this fact: "Walk like you know where you are going, and you will surely get there!" MKJ I know you and I will get wherever we need to be! Great post!

  2. There's an old saying I once was taught, "No one fails in life - they just give up too soon." I think that applies to any walk of life, especially writers. Most writers think that if they sit down and play the waiting game, the time will come - and then moan about it when it doesn't happen.

    You made some great points here, Bert. Great post.

  3. The best advice I ever received ... and I pass this on to everyone who asks for advice ... is to just keep plodding.
    Now, plodding doesn't sound very sexy or fast, but what it amounts to is determination and a never-say-die attitude.
    It's one of my life mantras.
    Bert, I'm working towards being a success too.
    Keep plodding.

  4. Bert, my friend, you are so, so right! Thank God we have you to remind us! As Christina also said, we must first set our intent, then stay the course. It's so easy for me to become distracted and forget to concentrate on the crucial points you make here. Thank you, thank you!!

  5. There is a way this all works. We need get more curious about that.