Saturday, March 8, 2014

Writing - A Message From The Yellowstone Wolves

by Bert Carson
March 3rd, Christina shared a video link she received from our friend Ralph "Rambo" Miller.  The film, a 4 minute documentary, was posted on YouTube February 13th and it has already been watched almost three million times.

I've watched it twice, and I'm listening to it as I write these words.  The film is brilliantly done as attested to by the number of views.  In addition to the obvious ecological message of the video, there is a powerful message in it for artists - those individuals who are driven my a singular desire to perfect their work and in so doing, share it with all who will appreciate it.

Now, invest four minutes in the video and I'll come back and share the message the wolves have sent to authors who are striving to perfect their work.

Here's the secret message from the wolves to writers - a writing lesson.

To You Who Write Books:
From the wolves of Yellowstone:
      We did not go to Yellowstone to vacation, nor did we go there to change the behavior of the rivers, or create a more hospitable environment for the creatures who lived there. 
     We didn't take a poll of tourists, or rangers, or politicians, to determine what they expected us to do.  We didn't find our genre, or email prospective fans, and we didn't create short films, or do interviews and hire an agent.  We simply did what we knew to do and we did it the best that we knew how to do it.  And that is all you need to do.

Sincerely - The Yellowstone Wolves...


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