Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Man Of The Year - And The Winner Is

by Bert Carson
David Gillespie, the author of Sweet Poison, is the first Aussie to win my Man Of The Year Award.  It was a close competition this year with notable contenders, like Ralph Miller, Caleb Pirtle, Philip Wang, Stephen Woodfin, and hundreds of others.  However, David had a real edge in the competition because he took me out of the diet game.  You may know the diet game under a different name with the same rules:

Rule One: Torture your body for six weeks.
Rule Two: Brag about the weight you lost thanks to the torture you endured.
Rule Three: Gain back all the weight plus ten percent.
Rule Four: Stop talking about the old diet and find a new one.

One year ago, Christina (my wife) and I decided to stop eating sugar.  We bought a number of books to assist us in our mission.  That was a waste of both money and time.  Then we found David's books.  That was the end of our search for help.

David Gillespie has been there, done that, and he is telling the story, the REAL STORY, which we've proved and continue to prove.

Here he is to share his story with you - David Gillespie - My Man of The Year.

I almost forgot to mention that I've lost more than twenty pounds, experienced an instantaneous cure of chronic sinusitis that was growing worse every year, and all of my books are now on the New York Times Bestseller List...  Well, two out of three ain't bad.

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