Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Only One

Number 28 in the Norman Rockwell inspired blog series

This Norman Rockwell painted cover appeared on the April 6, 1961 issue of The Saturday Evening Post.  As I looked at it, I realized that I should start this post with a summary of the number of wars being fought on that date vs the number being fought today.

Guess what, no one knows either number.  What I thought would be a definitive statement is, in fact, too large a number to be accurately calculated, either then or today.

The New Thought movement, since its inception, has turned many truths into cliches.  One of the most profound of those is, "There is only one of us here."

I believe that all life is sacred, and at some level, every man, woman, and child on the planet believes the same thing.  If that weren't true, why we would fight so hard to save ours or that of a loved one.  And, what's the difference between one of us and another, in the eyes of God, or Allah, or The Absolute.  Obviously, there is no difference.

Judgement is all that stands between us and universal peace and prosperity.

When we get rid of judgement, all wars will end and peace and prosperity will reign.

No politician, no government, no institution can make that happen.  It starts with us, not outside us.

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