Friday, January 4, 2013

Wichita Lineman

This blog is brought to you by Norman Rockwell, my friend Stephen Woodfin, Robin Young, of NPR's Here and Now show, and by Jimmy Webb and Billy Joel.  

Every time I look at Norman Rockwell's work, I find another painting, or two or three, that I have to add to the "future Norman Rockwell blog" file.

Somehow I missed this one on my first and second passes through, and then I found it.  I took one look at it and flashed back to my friend, Stephen Woodfin talking and blogging, about Jimmie Webb, who wrote Wichita Lineman.

Last week, I heard an old interview, with Jimmy, on Robin Young's show, Here and Now - (click here to listen).

Then I learned how to embed a video in a Blogger blog post so the next step was to find a video of Jimmie Webb and Billy Joel singing Wichita Lineman.  A few minutes later I had it.  It took a few minutes to embed it, because I had to listen to it twice.  See what you think:


After MacArthur Park, this is my favorite Jimmy Webb song, and though I love the Glen Campbell version, this one with Jimmy and Billy Joel has become my favorite.

That's it - that's today's post.  You don't need me to interpret the song or describe the painting, or add anything to Jimmy's interview.  Enjoy.

My next post will be the first in almost a month that I don't use a Norman Rockwell painting to illustrate.  Instead, I'm going write a few lines about James Michener and his writing/editing methods.  I'll and use this photo to illustrate it.


  1. What a beautiful version of that song! I hadn't heard this rendition. The photography is stunning as well!

    1. I added it to my running playlist and enjoyed it last night as I ran. Had it not been for Stephen's blog I'd have never heard it. That proves the power of good friends.

  2. How can you beat Jimmy Webb and Billie Joel together? My wife and I got to hear Webb in person a couple of months ago and I still have his music constantly playing in the back of my mind. Thanks for mentioning me in your blog, Bert. Regards, SW

  3. Nobody can beat the music of Jimmy Webb. Haunting melodies for all time. He also wrote great lyrics. I just have no idea what they mean.

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