Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Sages - Episode 12

A serialization of The Sages: Book One of the Mystic Trilogy
Episode Twelve

The Mystic Trilogy Series is three volumes, recorded by Joseph Sanders, a native of Oklahoma, who chose to commit his life to learning and living universal truth. The books are neither fiction nor non-fiction. The Mystic Trilogy is what you would have it be.

 The history of the White Taoist Clan has been recorded in the chronicles of the clan, since its inception, over 2,000 years ago. The chronicles have never been disturbed, vandalized, or altered. As far as I know, the Chronicles of The White Taoist Clan are the only such records in existence in the world.
There are two enclaves of the White Taoist Clan. The first, and the oldest, is housed in the monastery, on the tallest peak of the Sparkling Mountains. Before I continue, you should know that in the days of the Yellow Emperor, the Sparkling Mountains, though in a remote corner of the empire, were clearly marked on every map and chart. Today, you’ll not find the Sparkling Mountains on any map. The reason isn’t easily explained, but I will attempt to make it clear. The mountains still exist where they have always been and they haven’t been renamed. However, today they are only accessible to those who know of them and they need no maps to find them.
The home of the other enclave of the White Taoist Clan is the Celestial Navigator. The current Celestial Navigator, the ship that has been my home for the past sixteen years, is the twelfth Celestial Navigator in the lineage of the ships that bear the name of the enclave. The first of which sailed from Rangoon, 1,500 years ago, in the year 452, to be exact.
Like the chronicle of the clan maintained on Sparkling Mountain, the Celestial Navigator also has a complete chronicle, recorded by its Captain’s since the day the first ship of the lineage, crewed by Masters of the White Taoist Clan, sailed into the Gulf of Siam. I’ll tell the whole story of the Celestial Navigator in the second volume of the Mystic Trilogy entitled, The Voyages of the Celestial Navigator.
Now, with permission from Ning Song, the Master of the Mountain Enclave, I’ll share my translation of Bao Zhi’s account of the day that Master Quan Cho and his party finally arrived at the summit of the Sparkling Mountains, in the year 27 BC.
Recorded by, Joseph Sands, Master of the Celestial Navigator
The trail to the top of the Sparkling Mountains became fainter and fainter as we climbed. The last few miles it was nonexistent. At the summit, we stepped onto a large plain that appeared to have been carved out of the bedrock of the mountain. The area of the plain was at least 300 hectares, completed encircled by sheer rock walls.  Read More


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    1. I've penned a lot of words but never had the experience this books is becoming.

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