Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fourth and Forever - 5 Minute Audio Sample

by Bert Carson
Finally, I'm uploading my narration of one of my books - Fourth and Forever to ACX (Audiobooks).

I've been working on this since last September, when I casually said to Stephen Woodfin that we should look into getting our books in Audiobook format.

Stephen grabbed the ball, headed for the goal line and quickly scored with Last One Chosen (Notice the whispersync for voice ready notation).  Since then he's scored a half dozen more times, and I'm just now getting past the first forty-five degrees of the recording learning curve.

However, I see an open field ahead, probably because I just finished uploading my opening and closing material and a five minute sample that will available to potential buyers of the Audiobook.

Here's the sample.  If you have 4 minutes and 54 seconds to listen and the inclination to leave a comment, it will be appreciated.

Thank's Stephen - All your pointers are much appreciated.

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