Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine

Happy Valentines Day My Love

When we met
I'd almost given up hope
on ever finding someone to 
share my life with.
Someone who shared all 
of my interests - 
Someone who would love all
of my Vietnam Vet friends and
Peanut, my psychopathic dog,
old-time rock and roll and pickup trucks.
Someone who would hitch their wagon
to mine though I had no semblance
of a flight plan, or even a destination I could
pinpoint beyond being true to myself.

And then you were there -
Right there - on the front row there -
And you've been there ever since,
Reminding me every morning when we
wake together that I was right not to give up hope.

As always,
I love you more today than yesterday
but less than I will tomorrow.


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