Friday, February 7, 2014

Your Favorite Elvis Song Can Make You An Internet Superstar

by Bert Carson
Mimi Barbour
Mimi Barbour is a writer, a friend, an Elvis fan, and the author of She's Not You (The first in the Elvis Presley Series of Romance Novels).

Yesterday she commented on my Elvis post, Elvis Presley - Pieces of My Life, mentioning that she is running a contest for Elvis Fans and the winner will receive -


1. Their favorite Elvis song will be the title of the second book in the series.
2.  The book will be dedicated to them.
3.  And my favorite, their name will be used for one of the character.

I can see it now:  O'Malley's was packed.  It was always packed on Friday night.  The lights were low, happy hour was over; only those who where going to make a night of it were still there.  In spite of the fact that most were already paired, when the front door slowly opened, it seemed that every eye in the joint snapped to it.  Though I couldn't be sure, I thought I heard a low sigh, almost a swoon, when Bert Carson entered, walking easy down the yellow path laid out by O'Malley's garish neon parking lot sign...

Now all I have to do is trip over to Mimi's Site, sign up for her news letter, fill out the entry form and tell her that my favorite Elvis Song, and the title for the second book in her series, should be Just Pretend -

Okay, I did it.  Now I'm waiting for Mimi to let me know that I won.  Of course, I guess there's an outside chance you could win and then you'd be the one walking into O'Malleys.  If that happens, well I guess That's when the heartaches begin...

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