Saturday, February 15, 2014

InCoWriMo - Vintage Social Media

by Bert Carson
It means International Correspondence Writing Month.  Writing, by the way, means writing, not typing, or texting, or word processing, or "Scrivenering" - it means writing with a pen (or pencil or crayon).  The material to be written on is paper, remember that stuff.  The transmission method isn't 3G, 4G, WiFi, or cable, it is s-n-a-i-l  m-a-i-l.  Remember that?

I'm a fountain pen geek.  I have been since I bought one forty-seven years ago at the Post Exchange on Camp Bearcat, South Vietnam.  Until then letter writing was a real drag, something on the same misery scale as CQ (Charge of Quarters) Duty.

After I bought the pen, I became a letter writing machine.  When I got home, letter writing got a fifteen year break, then I bought a new one and wrote everyone with whom I had unsaid issues.  That took almost a year.

When I was done with the project, I retired from letter writing again.  Not because I didn't enjoy it, but because no one had written back - though a number of people who received one of my letters called, and we finished saying the here-to-fore unsaid things over the phone.

That project gave me closure on many things that needed closing, and it rekindled my love affair with fountain pens.  However, until today I only used them to make journal entries.  That changed when, while following fountain pen links, I found the InCoWriMo web site.

The deal is, write a letter a day, every day in February.  Since I had already missed twelve days I almost let it go, and then I thought, I'm ready to write letters, and to write them to people who will write back will be heaven, so who cares when my twenty-eight days start?  Or even if I stop at the end of 28 days.

So, if you are taken with the idea, visit the site.  There you'll find 28 people on the main list and as of this afternoon 26 more who added themselves in the comments.  Everyone of them has agreed to answer every letter they receive.  If you are willing to do the same, add yourself to the list, pick a name and start writing.

By the way, my name and address is there.  If you pick me, I promise I'll write back.

Happy writing.

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