Thursday, January 14, 2016

Humor - The Path With Heart

My Buddy, Chuck Adams sent this video.  Take a minute and laugh yourself silly as Donald Trump always says, or maybe it was someone else who said that.

Note, Marty talks fast so you might want to follow along by reading the captions, then you might want to listen to it again to make sure you heard what you think you heard.

Her name is Marty Cobb.  In the first week after the video was posted it got over ten million views.  She appeared on The Ellen Show and currently the video has received more than twenty million views.  I wanted to more about her so I poked around a little at YouTube and found the video below - I guarantee you'll enjoy it as much as the Safety Presentation, or "you can step outside..."

And finally, before we land, a link to Marty's Web Site

1 comment:

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