Saturday, August 24, 2013

Blog, Learn, Meet New People

by Bert Carson
Blog, Learn, Meet New People, that sounds like an ad line for a dating service.  But it isn't this time.

This is Cyberman.  Or to be absolutely precise, cyberman000051 - I've linked his YouTube name so you can click on it, go to his YouTube channel and enjoy his work - if you like, you can join me, and over 11,000 other fans who have subscribed to Cyberman's channel.

I found Cyberman by accident while searching YouTube for a video of Bread singing It Don't Matter To Me.  The post was about lyrics (8/23/13) and it was my intention to set the video in the middle of the post and add the lyrics (which I did).

The video I ultimately used was Cyberman's version of the song with great graphics, and wonder of wonders, lyrics in sync with the music.  When I finished writing the blog, I went back to YouTube and subscribed to cyberman's channel.  That's when I discovered another favorite.  When you click play on this one, you will be directed to YouTube - it is worth the trip.

Now I'm going back to Cyberman's channel and take a look and listen to his other work.

Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend.

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