Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bread Through The Years

by Bert Carson

When I write, I often listen to music - music I've compiled on playlists.  At best, my playlists are eclectic, since my musical taste runs from classical to rock to country to gospel to movie soundtracks.  

Even Sherlock Holmes would have difficulty finding a connection between the songs since I'm the only connection.  I'll bet you created your playlists the same way.

The newest addition to my current favorite playlist, which includes The Theme From Morse, Moonlight Sonata,  songs by The Band, Rolling Stone, Charles Johnson and the Revivers, Little Richard, and Jimmy Webb, to name only a few... is a hit from the group Bread.

I hadn't thought of Bread, in years.  When they popped in my mind a few minutes ago, I went to YouTube, found the video posted below, and listened to it.  Then I left YouTube, hiked over to iTunes, bought the song, and added it to the playlist.

I clamped on my headset, cranked up the volume and let Bread take me back to 1975.  As I listened I started to close the YouTube page when the two comments I've pasted below the video caught my eye.

As I listened to Everything I Own, I read and then read again the two comments, one posted two months ago, the other three weeks ago, and as "I would give anything I own..." filled my head, I knew I should share the song and the comments with you.  I don't know why, but that's never been one of my concerns.

Neither the song nor the comments need further introduction. 

Crank up the volume and listen while reading the comments.

Top Comments

  • Wisteriously411 
    This was the song Frank sang to me when he asked me to marry him. He sang it to me with meaning & love - wanting to be with me. Of course I said yes! Little did I know that little than 6 months later I would be playing it at his funeral meaning every word about giving everything I owned just to have him back again.
    Treasure those in your life every single day that you have them. You'll be happy you did! <3
     · 32 
  • Mark ratbag 
    Most people search their whole life for their soul mate,mine came in the form of a dog,6 years have past but still he is my first thought when i wake and my last thought before i fall asleep,And like the song says i would give anything i own,just to have him back again.Rest in peace boofhead i will love you forever!