Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Failure Is A Choice

by Bert Carson
Nothing exists that wasn't chosen.
That's almost as good as "When a tree falls in the forest and there is no one to hear it, does it make a sound?"

Actually, the first statement isn't "almost as good as" the second.  It is the same as the second.

Both statements revolve around the concept that humanity - you, me, and everyone else combined - is the center of the universe, and that isn't true.  The universe has no center.  It is one, or, think of it this way, everything in the universe is an inseparable facet of it.

The universe shifts and appears to change like a kaleidoscope when it is turned.  But, while the kaleidoscope turns, when it stops turning, and even when it is put away, it is still a kaleidoscope.

There are an infinite number of views or perspectives in a kaleidoscope.  Its colors shift and patterns change.  Humanity is the same.  Humanity's perspectives shift and change, but humanity is always humanity.  

If a single stone or bit of glass in a kaleidoscope believes it is the best stone or bit of glass in the kaleidoscope that doesn't effect its position in the kaleidoscope's shifting patterns.  If it believes it must succeed to complete the pattern, or if it believes it has the power to fail, that doesn't matter either.  The pattern remains the same.

If a single human believes he or she can fail or succeed or win or lose, that belief doesn't effect the pattern.  To believe you can fail is to chose to define failure and than manifest the condition you've defined.  Another term for that groundless process is "judgment."

Judgement only serves one purpose, the validation of the person who enters into it.

So what is failure, or success?  They are, at best, opinions.  Neither exist in the universe, only in the minds of those who define them.

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