Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Final Recommendations for Pope

Moments before they went into seclusion, I advised the 115 Cardinals who will be selecting the new Pope that the Dali Lama, in an email, said he was honored to have my support for Pope, but due to pressing commitments he must decline.  He suggested that I shift my support to Bishop Desmond Tutu.

Be advised, I passed the Dali Lama's suggestion to the Cardinals, with the suggestion that if they select Bishop Tutu, they never allow him and the Dali Lama to travel together - they have far too much fun for Spiritual Leaders.

Since I have reservations about Bishop Tutu and the Dali Lama being together, I suggested an alternative for the Cardinal's consideration.

My thinking is, it's time to simplify things on the planet.  For that reason, my new number one choice for Pope is Mr. Miyagi, known universally for his role as the Venerable Sage, in the Karate Kid movies.  He already knows the role and will play it well if elected Pope.

Mr. Miyagi is the man who said, "Never trust a spiritual leader who cannot dance.  Mr. Miyagi knows how to dance.  Now, I ask you the question I put to the Cardinals, "What else does a Pope really need to know?"

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