Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Promise

by Bert Carson

Friday I posted a blog that I titled A Time To Remember.  In the very first line of that post I said, "I had not considered writing an Easter post..." and I hadn't, but I did.

In the same vein, I didn't get up this morning thinking, I should write an Easter post.

Then I went outside to fill the bird feeders, took a minute to watch and listen to the birds and squirrels celebrating the day, and thought, I'll bet I can write a blog this last Sunday in March and not mention religion, or Christianity, or Easter.

Spring is the unfolding of a promise that we've held in our hearts through long bleak days that were cold like a heavy blanket that would not move and accented with bone freezing blasts of wind.

In moments when spring seemed to be receding and winter establishing a permanent, icy fortress around us, we continued to hold, in the back corner of our minds, the idea of warm days, lit by sunlight filtering through new leafs.  Through dark nights, when the old nightmare that this is the winter that will not end, shocked us from a fitful sleep, we still held to the eternal promise that spring would come, though we had no proof, only an ancient promise.

Today, that promise, the one we held in our hearts, against the odds, has manifest - just as it has every spring since the beginning of time on earth.

May you know the joy and promise of this day, and every day that follows it.

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