Friday, March 1, 2013

What to Read?

This Norman Rockwell painting depicts a very lucky kid, at least from my skewed perspective.  He doesn't have to crawl under the cover to keep his reading light from showing under his bedroom door.  There were moment when, hiding under the cover, with a flashlight and a book, I would get so caught up in book I'd come close to suffocation.

Reading has always been one of my greatest joys, from the time before I figured out why a boy would want to be with a girl, and before I got a drivers license, and way before I laced on a pair of running shoes and went out the door to run just for the hell of it.

To put it another way, books were my first love, and they still are one of my greatest loves.  In the beginning, choosing a book to read was easy.  I read everything I could get my hands on.  Today, things aren't that easy.  I can read 24/7, and with a back-lit Kindle there is no problem with the light shining under the door and giving me away, however, how do you figure out what to read?

Four days ago, I posted a blog titled, What Are Your Reading?   In it I mentioned a couple of good sources for book recommendations and invited readers to indicate what books they were reading.  Now, I'm doing it again but with a twist.  I want to know what you are reading, and I'd like to know how you found it, and whether you'd recommend it to a friend, or a stranger, or to your Sunday School Teacher, or your neighborhood serial killer (just kidding).

Trustworthy book recommendations are not easy to find.   If you'd share your source(s) of book recommendations, you might save someone who is out there in the dark, at this very moment, searching for a good book to read.

Thanks for giving up a bit of your reading time to help fellow readers in need.

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