Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Worthy Resolution

by Bert Carson
Through the years, I've listed all the standard and many of the more obscure resolutions on my New Year Resolution lists and you've probably done the same:

1.  I will lose thirty pounds.
2.  I will get a divorce.
3.  I will get married.
4.  I will get a good job.
5.  I will quit this job.
6.  I will buy a house.
7.  I will sale the house.
And on and on and on.

Few lasted through January and none were around when the first warm breezes of spring arrived.

Don't give up on resolutions though,  Here's one that isn't like the others, one that can make it through the year, one that will change everything—and I mean EVERYTHING.

In Lewis Carroll's, Through The Looking Glass, the White Queen tells
Alice, "I try to believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

We're better than the White Queen.  Without intending to, almost everything we believe is wrong, incomplete, or impossible.  However, we've held those beliefs so long we never question them—in fact, we defend them with every breath, every word, every action.  How else are we to validated?  How else are we to live?

Maybe it's time to let go that part of ourselves that must be validated, that part the depends on believing lies, those things we've never examined or questioned.  So, here's my New Year Resolution, the only worthy resolution that I know:

"Everyday I will examine my beliefs until I find at least one that I discover to be false, then, without hesitation I will discard that one."

That's the recipe for transformation, the only one that works.

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