Monday, January 6, 2014

G+ - On Using It and Meeting Kelli Stanley and Martin Shervington

by Bert Carson
Kelli Stanley
I was one of the first to sign up for G+, one of the first to try to learn it, and one of the first to give it up and focus on Twitter (I'd long ago given up on Facebook).

Now, I'm coming back, and in the west, the direction to Google Global Headquarters, I hear faint laughter and comments that sound a lot like, "We told you so."

Coming back amounts to learning what I didn't learn before—how to get the most out of G+.  I've found a great G+ helper that you might want to check out if you are new to G+ or if you too are making a comeback.

Of course, there's the Google guide, and there are are a lot of YouTube Videos and more how-to blogs than I'm inclined to mention.  However, the single light at the end of the tunnel I alluded to is Martin Shervington. Here's a link to his YouTubeVideos and here's another that will take you to his blog.

Here's an endorsement of Martin from Google -

"Fantastic resource if you want to learn more about Google+. Martin Shervington has done an excellent job. I knew this when my wife watched these videos and told me she learned new tips about Google+."
Senior Vice President, Engineering, Google

Martin Shervington
Now, if you are serious about this, go to G+, search for Martin Shervington and add him to your circles (note, 282,971 others have already done just that - at least one of them, me, created a new circle called G+ Specialist and placed him there).  Check his profile, and you'll also find a web site he's created to teach entrepreneurs how to use G+ in their business.

So, how does Kelli Stanley come into my G+ picture?  First, let me tell you who she is.  Kelli is a writer who lives in San Francisco.  Here's a link to her blog.  She is also on G+ where more than a 1,000 members have added her to one or more their G+ Circles—and that's how I know Kelli.  "We share 13."  I have added 408 people to circles that I created.  My largest circle is "Writers-Bloggers-Reviewers."  G+ recommends people for my circles based on people I have already added to my circles.  Every time I open G+ I check those recommendations and more often than not I find this:

I've decided that Kelli has every writer in the world in a circle and I love it. As soon as I finish this blog I'll add Lesa Holstine, Scott Walker, and Dana Stabenow to my circles.  My goal is to find out just "How In Common" Kelli and I can become.

And after that, I'm off to get a G+ Lesson from Martin Shervington.  I'm beginning to love this G+ thing - see you there.

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