Friday, January 24, 2014

Lessons Learned - Listen To Chapter One

by Bert Carson
Yesterday, actually very early this morning, I sent the last chapters of Lessons Learned to my editor.   Then I went to the next project of the day - a blog post.

I was going to blog about running in very cold weather and how music helps those who do that.  It was my intention to insert Little Darling, by The Diamonds, a sixties hit that's on my running playlist.  I recorded it, uploaded it to SoundCloud and was immediately informed that it was copyright protected.

Well, I thought, what do I have that isn't copyright protected?  Then I saw my reflection in the laptop screen and had the answer to my question - I'm not copyright protected.

I didn't set up our full recording studio.  That will happen sometime in the next few days.  I just sat at my desk, plugged in our studio mike, and using Audacity, a free audio software program that's loaded on this laptop, recorded the first chapter of Lessons Learned, the book I mentioned at the beginning of this post.  I played it back for me, then for Christina, and then I said, What the heck, I'll share it with you.

You see, to help me learn the recording process, I'm thinking I might record a chapter of the book every day (forty-three chapters in all) just to get some feed back on the book and the narration and anything else you might want to leave feedback about.

What do you think?

Your comment will be greatly appreciated.


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