Saturday, January 25, 2014

Running With The Dragon

by Bert Carson
Merri asked, "Where is Little Darling?" after she read this in yesterday's blog, Listen To Chapter One:

"I was going to blog about running in very cold weather and how music helps those who do that.  It was my intention to insert Little Darling, by The Diamonds...  I went on to explain that I discovered that the song was copyright protected and I couldn't upload it to SoundCloud and then paste it into a blog post so I recorded me, reading a chapter of Lessons Learned instead.

Merri enjoyed the reading but still wanted to hear Little Darling.  She said,
"...where is Little Darling??? Love that it is going through my head...and how the heck could music possibly make it warm to run at minus twenty degrees below zero tonight where I'm currently living? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haa maybe it is that ZONE thing hun???

So, Merri, this is for you.  On the night in question, it was 23 above zero in Huntsville when I turned onto Dallas Street and immediately caught a ten MPH North Wind in the back.  I shivered, stumbled, lost a step, and then The Diamonds, singing Little Darling blasted into my head, and it sounded like this:


Warmed by the old song, straightened up, found my lost step, and ran on through downtown Huntsville, turned left on Echols, a tree lined street where the Dragon was blocked out.  Two miles later I hung another left, turning onto Russell and met the Dragon again, this time he was heading south, straight into my face.  That's when the greatest torch song of all time, It Makes No Difference, by The Band, centered up between my ears.  It sounded like this:

Those songs may not have warmed the outside world but they sure put some heat in the one inside me and they took me on home, like they always do.  

Thanks for asking.  Enjoy.

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