Sunday, January 12, 2014

Precision - Top Secret Lesson For Writers

by Bert Carson
Top Secret Drum Corp was a top secret to me until a friend, Shirley Tsang, shared a video of a 2003 performance of the group.

I found a 2013 video of them, and I've embedded it below for you.  Then I did some research on the group and discovered this:

Top Secret is from Basel, Switzerland, a city that loves drumming to the extent that at any given time it is estimated there are 3,000 drummers living there.

There are twenty-five drummers in The Top Secret Drum Corps.  All the performers have day jobs, drumming only because they love to do it.  The members willing give up all their free time to rehearse and perform with the group.

So what does the Top Secret Drum Corps have to teach writers?  Simply this:
Dedication, Commitment, and Precision
Every Top Secret member knows the price of membership in terms of time, before they audition.  Accepted into the unit, they work every day to become one with it—to acquire the precision that is necessary to perform at this level.

There is no secret in Top Secret.  It's all about dedication, commitment, and ultimately, as an outgrowth of those two - precision.

This is what it looks like in in the world of drumming.

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